Senator Bailey seeks to address skyrocketing gas prices

With gasoline prices at the pump topping well over $4 per gallon and expected to continue to climb to over $5 per gallon, State Senator Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) says Illinois legislators must act immediately to provide relief to consumers. 

Sen. Bailey joined in cosponsoring Senate Bill 4195, which would cap the state’s sales tax on motor fuel at 18 cents per gallon. That price is what consumers were paying last fall before prices started to climb dramatically. 

“People are tired and worn down from government overreach which continues to create chaos and uncertainty across our state,” said Sen. Bailey. “If the last two years haven’t been hard enough with COVID mandates, now residents are having to foot the bill for our government’s failures. It is time we put a stop to this madness and lower our state’s taxes to provide the meaningful relief that all hard-working Illinoisans deserve.”

Under Senate Bill 4195, Illinois consumers could expect to save nearly $1 billion over the next fiscal year, or 16 cents per gallon, assuming gas prices are at $5.50 per gallon. Additionally, the measure would continue to provide adequate funding for Illinois’ infrastructure projects.  

“Capping Illinois’ sky-high taxes on gasoline would be welcome relief for Illinois motorists and fuel retailers as inflation and geopolitical forces continue to wreak havoc on the economy,” said Josh Sharp, CEO of Illinois Fuel and Retail Association.

Illinois is one of just seven states that charge a sales tax on top of the gas tax. While both the state and federal gas taxes are a flat tax, which means the tax does not change with price of fuel, Illinois also charges a sales tax on top of the motor fuel tax that increases along with the price of gasoline. 

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