Bailey: JCAR ruling shows Pritzker mask mandate has no merit

State Senator Darren Bailey released the following statement after a bipartisan vote from the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules to override new emergency rules from Governor Pritzker’s IDPH that would have reinstated the K-12 mask mandate for most schools:

“Today’s decision by JCAR solidifies what I have been saying for the last two years, that the Pritzker Administration severely overstepped their authority by placing mask mandates on schools.

“It’s unfortunate it took two years for a ruling like this to happen, but it shows that even the Governor isn’t above the judicial process, and that even his democratic allies would no longer side with him in his shady maneuver to reissue ‘emergency’ mask mandate rules in our schools.

“This Administration has no regard for our schools, students and teachers and has continued to drag them through the mud of a tyrannical process.”

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