Sen. Bailey reacts to Governor’s Budget Address

State Senator Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) has released the following statement following the Governor’s Budget Address Wednesday:   

“I think it is very obvious that Pritzker and the Democrat Party and the political elites have abandoned the working families of Illinois. It is interesting because now I think he is having a tough time with his reelection, so he is offering an empty box of chocolates right before Valentine’s Day and he is calling it tax relief. Well maybe for a trust fund billionaire like JB, temporarily not raising taxes, sounds like tax relief but for the working families across Illinois who are struggling to pay bills, keeping gas in their cars, deciding not to take an extra couple of pennies from them, I think is a slap in the face. We need serious reforms in Springfield that aren’t reliant on federal bailouts and that actually benefit working families and taxpayers long-term, not temporary shams during election years.”   

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