Bailey: Senate looks to strip property rights in newly passed Energy Bill

State Senator Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) has released the following statement following the passage of Senate Bill 2408 Monday:

“The passage of this dangerous energy bill is an attack on the people of our state and their pocketbooks. While Democrats may want to tout a victory, realistically I see more obstacles ahead and hardships for families and farmers.

“At a time when I thought nothing coming out of Springfield could surprise me, the bill’s reckless eminent domain provision gives for-profit companies the right to put up their lines over constituents’ homes and farmers’ livelihoods.

“This bill also bails out a profitable company that recently agreed to pay a $200 million fine over an alleged bribery scheme involving previous energy legislation. It gives this company $700 million in subsidies while implementing the largest utility rate increase in Illinois history.

“Good paying jobs will be lost, businesses will be devastated, and communities shuttered because the Governor and his allies decided to push this bill ‘across the line’ in the Illinois legislature.”


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