Law-abiding gun owners lose with signing of new FOID Card bill

State Senator Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) has released the following statement regarding House Bill 562 – a bill signed by Governor JB Pritzker Monday aimed at “Modernizing” the FOID Card System: 

 “This is an example of Democrats passing and signing bills which offer no real merit to the everyday lives of the people of Illinois. When HB 562 was called for a vote in the House earlier this Summer, the bill’s sponsor didn’t even understand the process of getting a FOID card. Instead of actually trying to understand the issue, the Majority party, along with a few weak-kneed republicans, passed this bill outside of our normal legislative session to place unnecessary burdens on our law-abiding gun owners. 

“This bill does nothing to curb gun violence and crime across our state, instead it prompts innocent people to undergo a redundant process, costing state resources and card holders more money. This bill is also a gateway for mandatory fingerprinting and a registry on our guns. It hurts small businesses and private dealers by placing new taxes and liability during the private transfer process. 

“The Pritzker Administration’s focus from day one has been circled around more restrictions on our God-given constitutional rights. It’s time we Void the FOID and fight like hell for our constitutional rights.”

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