Sen. Bailey takes a stand for gun owners, opposes dangerous FOID legislation

State Senator Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) has released the following statement following the House of Representatives passage of House Bill 562 – the so-called, “Fix the FOID” bill:

“Law abiding gun owners are once again under attack by Democrats in Illinois. The vote today is proof that Democrats are willing to forge ahead by any and all means to chip away at our Second Amendment rights.

“This bill increases private transfer costs and adds more of a liability to our gun retailers. On top of that, this is nothing but a gateway bill to force Illinoisans to submit their fingerprints in order to receive their FOID cards and CCL licenses.

“There is no question, the FOID card is an outdated requirement in a broken system and gun owners are being punished for it. Democrats need to stop finding reckless ways to constantly regulate our state’s residents and void the FOID completely.”

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