Senate passes Bailey-filed bill to expand firefighter eligibility

Many small fire departments, especially rural ones across our state, are struggling to find enough qualified applicants to serve as firefighters said State Senator Darren Bailey (R-Louisville), who has filed legislation that could ease part of the situation.

“Seconds count in an emergency situation and if I can file legislation to help bring more manpower to fire departments across the state to help save lives that is what I am here to do,” said Sen. Bailey. “Anytime we can find a way to benefit and help our first responders, it’s a win because they’re our unsung heroes.”

Under current state law, applicants 35-years of age or older are not eligible to take the firefighter exam unless they had firefighting experience during the immediately preceding five years. Senate Bill 2150 removes the five-year requirement and allows applicants to take the exam as long as they’ve had any previous firefighting experience.

“The problem with current law is that it limits personnel numbers in our most critical districts,” said Bailey. “I believe this legislation can make a life-saving difference in our communities.”

Senate Bill 2150 now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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