Sen. Bailey Files Legislation to Protect Elections by Requiring Paper Ballots

One of the simplest and best ways to ensure ballot security and protect the integrity of elections from hackers is to bring back the use of paper ballots, according to State Senator Darren Bailey (R-Louisville). Bailey has filed legislation mandating the return of paper ballots for Illinois elections.

“Paper ballots aren’t hooked to a modem, connected to the internet, and susceptible to hackers or electronic fraud. They are clear, they are simple, and they are easy for voters to use,” said Senator Bailey. “I firmly believe that paper ballots are the best and most reliable way to secure our vote counts and to restore public confidence in elections.”

Bailey’s legislation, Senate Bill 2038, would mandate that election authorities use hand-marked paper ballots. The ballots may be counted by hand or by optical scanners. Election authorities would be required to implement strict chain-of-command procedures for ballots, voter registration polls, and tabulation results.

The legislation also contains a requirement that the Illinois State Board of Elections implement software that would monitor and detect vulnerabilities in the security of voter registration rolls.

“Sometimes old technology is still the best option. Paper ballots are themselves an instant and secure hard-copy of how someone voted, a copy that is easily reviewable for both counts and recounts,” added Bailey. “People should be able to trust that our elections are secure, and that their vote is recorded exactly how they cast it.”



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